OHHHH it’s supposed to be thankful Thursday. Right. I forgot. Well hey… I only blog like once every hundred days so forgive me for mixing up the order of things.

I’m done whining.

Remember last week when I was whining? I’m done. Thanks for playing. This week I can’t help but be grateful. For like EVERYTHING. See today my husband drove off to work AGAIN. (I’m not supposed to tell you he left cause that puts me in a danger of a stalker coming to my house so forget I said that. Oh and PS my dog BITES). Anyway he left like he does every week. Sigh. And  I felt pitiful for about five minutes after he left and then I got up and got the baby and we played and we came downstairs and ate. Blueberries. And pineapple. And yogurt. And toast. And it was glorious.

I’m LUCKY. Like so super lucky. Yesterday I read this and she talked about her decision to work and her happiness with it. And it reminded me AGAIN that I don’t wanna. I don’t. I don’t wanna leave my baby. The right thing is different for everyone (and you need to be grown up enough to know what the right thing is and to be able to actually ADMIT it) but the right thing for me is to stay home. And I’m lucky because I know it’s the right thing for other moms to stay home too but they can’t, because they need to EAT AND PAY THE ELECTRICITY (and I used to be that mom). So I’m lucky. We aren’t rich. My husband makes a great living but we aren’t going to Hawaii this summer (or like ever) and my kids all need shorts (because they grow like 2 inches a MONTH) and I have to figure out how to make that happen… but we are not  hungry, our electricity is not shut off. I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay the water bill. And I am HOME.

I get to go to coffee and have baby playdates.


I get to shop for yarn.

I get to make things.

(Like this book for Ella)


(LION. Rawr)


(whale with zipper mouth)

(Nemo’s that snap on/off)


(flowers that come off with buttons)


(momma owl with velcro baby hidden inside)

(monkey with peel back banana)

(mama bluebird with her babies that come out of the nest)

(babywearing momma {and under her shirt BOOBIES!})

(Ella likes it)

ALSO this:

Oh also…I get to bake.

Annnd I get to see this:

Every. Single. Day.

Which. Is. Awesome.

I’m so grateful that my husband is not only able but WILLING to leave here every week to go to work so I can STAY HERE. Because here is where I most want to be.


Dear Husband,

Thank you for doing what you do. Day in and day out. Every day. When it’s hard. When it’s easy. On the days you get donuts (or tequila or a full nights sleep) I may be jealous. I may not be able to mask it very well (because sometimes I’m a whiny baby) but I thank you. For being smart and valuable enough that Huge Internet Company will pay you and keep you (and even sometimes take you to the beach.) And for caring that our baby be raised by me while you’re away. While you are gone I will keep the house clean, and the baby alive and (mostly) happy. And wait. For you.

love you for always,

Whiny Wife

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I’ve been a tornado of activity this morning. Up early and showered and kids all to school. Then to the super walmart with Ella for shopping. Then back home and everything unloaded and put away. But not until I cleaned both fridge and freezer. Then kitchen cleaned. House vacuumed. Garden watered. And now I sit.


Without further adieu I bring to you Things I Luuurve Thursday.

Today… These:


These are City Flats from Gap.


I think it’s Gap now. Peyton and I had a debate this morning about whether it’s Gap or The Gap or what. I still say The Gap and I always will cause I’m old school like that. Screw them changing their name anyway. What the heck. Who do they think they are The Guy Formerly Known as Prince (or is he Prince again?)?

Anyway, most of the things I wear are a mish mosh of clothes from target (cause hello CHEAP) or Old Navy (again with the cheap), occasionally THE (bold and italicized) Gap and F21 (even though I’m clearly WAAAAAY past the F21 age). J. Jill when I’m feeling old lady cool. And J. Crew when I’m feeling young hipster cool. And then there are The Shoes… I have a lot of shoes. A LOT.

These are The Shoes…


Also that is my closet (well, half of it).

Each of those boxes contains one pair of shoes (and more than a few contain two). Also there is a row you can’t see so a quick multiplication table reveals I have at least 35 pair of shoes. 36 if you count those flip flops. And 40 something if you factor in the doubles up boxes. That’s just in the closet. Also the 5 pair in the organizer by the door. And I’m only slighty ashamed to admit that that number was once more than double that. NOW before you accuse me of being a shoe hoe (which I totally am) let me say many of those shoes are several years old. It’s not like I buy a pair of shoes a week or anything (usually). Also I’m severely lacking in the boot department if anyone would like to make a recommendation.


I love The Shoes.


Let me tell you why I love The Shoes. Because The Shoes never betray you. When you have PMS. When you gain 20 pounds or lose 40 pounds (right). When the seasons change. The Shoes will always be there for you. Trusty and faithful. And the best part about The Shoes is you can put a pair of snazzy heels away for 6 months and then WOW it’s like CHRISTMAS when you get them out again. Hello lover.


So you can understand why I’d love these puppies. First of all… They. Are. Adorable. Also, quite comfy. ANNND… Incredibly functional. The mushroom color (though I also have pink and will soon buy black) really goes with almost ANYTHING. Black. Brow. Grey. Bring. It. On. These shoes can handle it. Also no laces. So quick off and on which is pretty vital considering I’m usually putting my shoes on with one hand while perching a baby on one hip and a purse on my shoulder and hollering at other children to get in the car and holding a bottle of water and a teething toy and trying to keep the baby from pulling my hair until I’m bald and and.


That was a long winded way of me saying you’d better go buy some of these. Like right now. OH ANNND when you go to buy them (cause you really should) enter this little code GAPGETNOW and get 30% off! Dudes forreals. That makes these shoes the best $27.97 (plus tax and S+H) you’ll ever spend. Swear. To. Maude. Oh AND if you happen to have a Gap credit card (or old navy or BR card) and you can wait until Saturday you can enter GAPCARD and get 40% off. No lie. I just gave you a super secret coupon code. That’s how I am. I love you.


Also: THE GAP doesn’t know who I am. At. All. They don’t know how I love these shoes. Though maybe I’ll write them and tell them how I LOVE THESE SHOES. Cause yeah. I do.


things I luuuurve