Summer days

Two post in one week. WHAT?!?1!/1?!?! Don’t die. Please.

So as I mentioned in my post last week, and as most of you are aware, it is summer. This means that rather than drive three (or four as it often were) kids to school in the morning, I am waiting for them to drag their pubescent and pre-pubescent butts out of bed only to then ask me questions like, ” moooooom, what’s for breakfast” or “Mooooooooom, what are we DOING TODAY.” The answers to which are often, whatever you’re making yourself and cleaning up the five thousand messes you made after I died like a corpse dead last night at 11:30 pm but you were still up reading books and studying calculus wrecking your brains with mindless tv. But sometimes the answer is…

Go for sundaes!

It’s been downright pleasant swelteringly miserably hot here so going outside to do anything but swim after 9 am is pretty much suicide. But we did drive around after sundaes and see these guys having lunch.

Which is, not surprisingly, quite similar to how I look pulled up to a sundae trough.

I grew up in this valley and I still love cows. Every time I drive past them I think about becoming vegan.

For about 5 minutes anyway.

The kids have mostly not been trying to kill each other and summer has about 5 weeks left so it’s looking pretty good for survival all around. And I’ve even had some time to be Crafty MCCrafterpants.

I made this quick and easy granny square pillow because I desperately needed a break from the afghan that feels like it’s going nowhere.

Here’s the pillow:

It’s on my bed. And what you can’t see in this picture is the TWIN bed NEXT to my bed that we bought so Ella would stop trying to suffocate me in my sleep have her own space. Expectedly she hates it. But maybe this will inspire me to do a co-sleeping post.

Oh and here is the 5oo year flower afghan.

When it’s all said and done there will be 169 square similar to this one. Which I will hopefully finish before I die. Hopefully.

In the meantime I’m making granny stripes too.

I love me a granny stripe. These are fast and mindless. I can crochet these almost without looking and I don’t have to really count or think too much which is a bonus since by the time I’m crocheting at night I’m mostly just counting the minutes until the dead like a corpse dead thing is happening.

In case you’re planning on asking, these are the yarns I am using… the granny stripe (and pillow) are made (mostly, but I did throw in a couple of leftover wools) from cascade 220 superwash which you can get in a rainbow of lovely shades from Jimmy Beans Wool. And it is AWESOME. It crochets up super nice and clean and what a color palette! I bought some of it in a local yarn store called Swatches but (as often happens) their selection was limited and I’d say given the shipping time and variety, it is, unfortunately for swatches, better for me to order online. Jimmy Beans is OUTSTANDING. Free shipping over $75 (which is EASY to do) and they ship priority mail usually the SAME DAY. I love them. LOVE THEM. Order Friday. Get it Tuesday? YES!

The flower afghan is made from comfy worsted I got at knitpicks. They ship not so quick but wow with the great prices. This cotton blend is so luxurious to crochet and knit with. Smooth as butter on the fingers.

For the yarn lovers in the group. I present: Yarn Porn.

Disclaimer: Neither Jimmy Bean nor Knitpicks knows who I am or cares that I have mentioned them. I do so merely for your knowledge, my loyal readers.

OK next item of business: Garden. It’s growing.

That is all. Some of the tomatoes have blossom rot which is making me cry. Other than that, it’s a regular jungle out there.

OK for now I will sign off. Before I go I will tell you that there will soon be news on the blog. Changes are happening folks… Stay tuned.

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I knit scarves. I crochet afghans. I bake delicious cakes. I sew dresses. I can decorate a pretty sweet family room and make some mean hospital corners on bedsheets…. but the thing I am best at making is children.

When I was five I wanted to be a veterinarian. And I wanted to have two children. A boy and a girl. The boy first. Because girls should have big brothers.

When I was 10 I wanted to be a lawyer. And I wanted to have two children. Twins. A boy and a girl. Because twins are cute.

When I was 15 I wanted to be a veterinarian. And I wanted to have two children. I wasn’t sure when or what kind. But I knew I wanted two. Two. Because I was an only child until I was 14 and I wanted nothing more than to have a sibling.

Some things do remain constant. Though I may have changed my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up I knew one thing all along.


Mother’s day makes me sentimental not because there is breakfast served in bed or flowers or gifts or cards. It makes me sentimental because it reminds me that the only thing I ever REALLY wanted to do was be a mother.

And I am.

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No crap.

*I walked around all day with my nursing bra hanging open. Unaware. That is how much time my bra spends open.

* I shaved my legs (it was newsworthy). I did not cut myself (also newsworthy).

* My 12 year old son is texting a girl. A female. He claims she’s not his girlfriend but I saw him text her a rose. Suspect. Highly suspect.

* I caught him doing push-ups. Oh. Dear. God.

* My 11 year old son got completely ready for school without any prompting. And also without pants on (inspiring my future book… Don’t Forget Your Pants).

* My 15 year old daughter started drivers training. Sigh.

* I hope bald is coming back because the baby pulled out half the hair on the right side of my head.

* One of our stupid dogs attacked the other stupid dog and I almost broke my arm trying to separate them. I am not a fan of our dogs right now. Or any dogs for that matter. Or the cat. In fact, the only animals I’m feeling any good about are the fish, and one of them died. Crap.

* I had to pee (at least once a day) but the baby was in the wrap so I peed while babywearing. In fact I also swept, cooked and dusted babywearing. I would have showered babywearing if my sling was waterproof (and yes they do make those).

* I made Henry the Hoot Owl. But I had to do it with a baby on my lap which means I stabbed myself with knitting needles no less than 7 times.

* I went almost an entire day without water. I had coffee and iced tea. That’s all. And they weren’t even caffeinated. I didn’t realize it until 9:15 pm. By then I had a headache. (I hope the Man isn’t reading this or I’m busted)

* I made rice krispie treats.

* I ate rice krispie treats for breakfast.

* I ate rice krispie treats for dinner.

* I probably ate rice krispie treats for lunch but I’m not admitting it.

* One night I served the 15 year old (who had to leave for an activity before dinner was done) a plate of mexican rice, a rice krispie treat and a banana. It looked as bad as it sounds.

* I started to write a tutorial for the owl I mentioned above. I got the first two lines written. So far, that’s it. It goes like this: Step One: Get some yarn. Step two: Get some size 3 knitting needles. (More on this later)

* The 11 year old told us he was learning about dictators that are “mean and crazy” also that he would like to be a dictator, but a “nice one” because he doesn’t want to be shot or hung. Awesome. It’s good to have dreams.

* I fell into the big curbside trash can. Like inside of it. I don’t really want to talk about it.

* Did I mention the rice krispie treats?

Oh also because I’ve been such a good wife and mommy (or you know, because I was looking for an excuse, like I FELL IN A TRASH CAN) I bought myself this lovely book:

Isn’t it lurvely?

Then someone spilled syrup on it.

Of course.

So readers… what happened to you in the last week?

Hang in folks,


PS I love Jane Austen. Who doesn’t love Jane Austen? OK I mean what LADY doesn’t love Jane Austen? If you don’t love Jane Austen you should buy this book anyway because it’s so purdy.

PPS It’s been one the best weeks of my life.

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Please for the love of all that is sacred and holy.
Make it stop.
You see, next year these two lovebirds who met in 1986. (Yeah you read that right):
Will have their 20th class reunion.
Last month this baby turned 11.
And last week we bought a car for this baby to drive.
When she turns 16:
In August. Which is 6 months from now.
And last night this baby (the one on the right):
Was text messaging.
(He’d be mortified if he knew I said so but I mean COME ON. A GIRL?)
And this baby, you know the one born like, what was it, yesterday?
Was rolling over.
Both ways.
It is in light of all this that I insist that all growing cease. And additionally that time stop.
Thank you for your consideration in this matter,
the mother
PS the wedding-y photos you see here were taken by the incomparable Myron Yeung. Take a peek at his website (You’ll see yours truly featured :)
I confess.
I am a bad blogger.
I wish I could offer a good reason for this but alas, I give you only this photographic evidence:
My kitchen.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
You see the Big Kids are back from their dad’s house. They were gone 3 days and I missed them terribly. Admittedly though I did not miss the messy kitchen. In fact my kitchen was mostly clean for, you guessed it, 3 days.
I do not know what happened in the kitchen this morning. I think it might have been a bomb. Or a tornado. Please note: Geometry and Biology books on table. No, I am not a Sophomore in high school. Someone around here might be though, let me check. I’ll get back to you. Also note: There are two pots of things cooking on my stove. Chicken (for chicken and dumplings) and pinto beans (for refried beans). And a box of Rice Krispies. Because I’m going to make Rice Krispie treats. If I can ever find my counter top. And speaking of the counter top, on the counter top you may see some carrots. I will make them eat carrots before the Rice Krispie treats. So that I don’t get reported to CPS.
While the Big Kids are at their dad’s house I have only Ella, myself and the Man to look after.
It’s still a full time job.
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon stripping cloth diapers. This is so. much. fun. (Not really.) And it leaves your house smelling fresh and clean. (If your idea of fresh and clean is the smell of boiling dawn dishsoap and urine.) Once I was done doing that I decided that pizza sounded good for dinner. (As the house still smelled vaguely of peesoap.)
Yay for pizza.
Also I was working on this.
Though it’s got nothing to do with the messy kitchen. Except that I maybe could have a cleaner kitchen if I had no hobbies.
I can’t tell you what it is (it’s knitting). Or what it’s going to be (an owl). Or when it’ll be finished (today). Or who it’s for (Ella’s BFF Anneliese). Because it’s a surprise.
So you can see at least 3 compelling reasons why I’m a bad blogger.
My apologies.
I’ll get back to you once I dig out from under the dishes. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow afternoon please notify the authorities. The children will most likely notice I’m missing, but not until they get hungry which probably won’t be until be dinner time (since there’s at least enough cereal and carrots to last until then).
signing off,