This week brought to you by… the sofa.

Stats: Weeks pregnant: 31 and days.

Weight: 204

Gain: +20

Waist :  48 at the bellybutton ish

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44 and 46 (+1).

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: sad face.

Size of the baby bean: 16.5 ish inches

Weight: 3.5 to 5 lb

Position: currently vertex (head down) with feet consistently kicking the crap out of my right side. (LOA for you birthy types)

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: Crying. Lots of crying. And preparing. For birth and for having two little people and 3 big people. Making me a mother of FIVE. Five children.

Physical crap: Typical pregnancy stuff. I’m getting short of breath. It’s hard to move and sleep. I have to pee 6,243 times a day. And the pelvis thing. It’s been rough. Even though the pelvic stuff is improved over the last update it’s still really hard to move and I definitely cannot do my normal activity. I’ve been seeing the chiropractor weekly and resting as much as possible. We hired a housekeeper that is coming every two weeks which, despite my initial reservations, is AWESOME. I’ve been knitting and doing little things (small nesting you might. Cleaning our one drawer or closet. etc). NOW the silver lining… there are a lot of positives to be found here. This pain has forced my slow down. Since I am not a ‘take it easy’ person being forced to take it easy has been a blessing to some degree. I am able to enjoy Max’s movements and enjoy Ella’s development. I’m more available for my big kids. And even though I’ve had to depend on Matt much much more he has risen to the challenge of taking care of all he can and oddly being forced to be a little dependent on him has actually been a really good thing. Also, it’s nice to have time to be creative and sew, knit and decorate. I’ve made lots of things for Max and other friends babies and I’m working on things for Ella and the house too.

Here are a few:

Kids hands. Excited to add Max’s to this :)

Bunting to go with the hands.

Stripey hat.

Hat and tiny socks.

Max’s blanket #1.

See. Productive. SO not JUST sitting. Also HELLO I learned to knit SOCKS. OMG SOCKS.

Also despite all the usual discomforts of being largely pregnant and the pelvis thing I don’t feel TERRIBLE. I actually think I feel better than I did with Ella at this point. The forced rest I’m sure is helping. At 29 weeks with Ella I was taken off  work and I was READY to be off work. It was hot. I was huge and miserable.

What I want to devour: Ice. and all food. What makes me want to hurl: Orange juice. OMG. I want to drink it SO BAD. and it makes me SO SICK.

Supplements:  Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2). And my friend, the Prevacid. Also drinking Yogi Mother’s Tea now. Will start the birth prep in a couple of weeks. More on that later.

Activity: Let’s not talk about it. Unless getting up and down counts as activity. Walking up and down stairs is like HARD.

Boy? Or girl?: BOY. Still Name:  Maxwell  MAX!!

In other news: If Ella doesn’t kill herself falling off of something, she may kill me. Seriously. The kid has no fear. We have added TWO more gates to confine her to the family room so she can’t climb the dining table because I simply cannot get to her quick enough to protect her. I do NOT love gates but I hate stitches more. And blood. And broken things. Like bones.

BABY PREP: nothing new. All the clothes are washed, folded and put away. He has enough. Not too many ‘outfits’ but plenty of sleepers, gowns and a few kimonos and onesies. I’m working on a second blanket and will be ordering the birth kit this week. Whoa. Will be buying my friend Jenny’s bouncy chair.Even though I mostly always wear my babies it’s really nice to have a safe place to put them for things like hot oven cooking and showering. I’d love to have a Moses basket but at the price they are I think I’ll skip it.

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS): No real changes there. Still colostrum. Still nursing. I’m really hopeful now that we will be able to tandem. With just a couple of months left in the pregnancy it doesn’t seem like Ella plans to give up. This is exciting for me NO daunting. I’m actually hoping her nursing will help us with the transition to having a new baby in the house.   I get sore. And positioning is a challenge but we are working with what we have and it works fine.


And here’s the  belly photo(s): Week 29: Week 30: week 31:


Despite the fact that I LOOK huge I don’t really FEEL like he’s huge. Weird.

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This week brought to you by hours and hours and HOURS in the kitchen. HOURS.


Weeks pregnant: 23 weeks and some days

Weight: 193 lbs. (this is 3 pounds in two weeks. Pie? Well there has been some but overall I’m exercising and eating well so I’m trying to not FREAK OUT. but as the scale edges closer to 200 I’m getting a little panicky to be honest. I’m NOT excited about it. But also I’m healthy, my blood sugar is good, I FEEL GOOD. These things are more important in the long run)

Gain: +10 lbs total overall with 16ish weeks to go.

Waist :  45 at the bellybutton

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44? and 45?. Still

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: too many

Size of the baby bean: 11.5 ish inches. (being measured Head to foot now instead of to rump)

Weight: a pound and a half ish? Probably. Maybe 2 by now. Yeah, probably two.

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: Peace. Peacefulness is happening.

Physical crap: Uterine irritability. Typical aches and pains. I feel physically pretty well lately. Except the reflux. yuck. Oh and the price I’m paying for riding my bike way too much last week.

What I want to devour: Does everything count?

What makes me want to hurl: Not much.

Supplements:  Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2). Papaya enzyme for the reflux/heartburn. It is actually quite helpful. And my friend, the Prevacid. Also drinking Yogi Mother’s Tea now.

Activity:Biking. Lots of biking. Maybe too much biking. Like um 20 miles over four days.

Boy? Or girl?: BOY.

Name:  Maxwell  MAX!!

In other news: Ella and I, and, well pretty much everyone, were sick. Ella got a little break from cutting molars and slept ok for like 2 days. That’s over now. We are back to waking up several times a night and waking for the day ay 4 am. SO that’s awesome. I HOPE that it’s temporary. I’m a little scared.

I am TOTALLY aware that this baby will be here in like 16 weeks. THAT IS NOT VERY LONG. O.o

BABY PREP: Knitted two hats. Still need wool covers. Still need blankets. Still need clothes. Have gowns though so YAY.

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS BOOBS and more boobs. you may skip):

No milk. No colostrum. Ella is still nursing though. She’s even nursing once in the middle of the night right now (sometimes that’s the only thing that helps The Crabby). I’m struggling with being a sore off an on but we are persevering. I’m looking forward to having milk again. I do miss those nursing for food moments.

And here’s the  belly photo(s):

Week 22


week 23

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These week(s) brought to you by ultrasounds and rescue remedy. I apologize for my lack of updating. The cold hard truth is when I’m exhausted the blog is the first thing to go. Meh.


Weeks pregnant: 21 weeks

Weight: 190 lbs.

Gain: +7 lbs total overall

Waist :  44.5 at the bellybutton (this measurement is not changing but WHOA my belly is)

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44″ and 45″.

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: how ever many times Ella is up. Which lately is a whole bunch.

Size of the baby bean: 10.5 ish inches. (being measured Head to foot now instead of to rump)

Weight: over a pound according to the ultrasound tech (also noteworthy baby measures more than a week ahead in size. We didn’t have a reliable conception date but we aren’t changing the due date either way. March. Sometime)

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: I’m not crying every day. We’ll take that as a victory. The reality of this baby coming is starting to set in. It’s weird being so busy and tired I haven’t taken much time to reflect on the fact that another HUMAN will be here in just a few months. Crazy.

Physical crap: Round ligament pain. And continued contractions off and on without exertion.

What I want to devour: Banana bread. Still. And chocolate croissants. I wanted one for two weeks. FInally got one Friday. I wanted to cry a little.

What makes me want to hurl: not much thankfully. Except that because of reflux I have a hard time eating leftovers since I usually spend the day before tasting them in regurg. (Gross)

Supplements:  Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2). Papaya enzyme for the reflux/heartburn. It is actually quite helpful. And my friend, the Prevacid. Also drinking Yogi Mother’s Tea now.

Activity: Biking. Walking. Yoga. It’s getting hard to do much of anything but I’m not giving up. The 7 mile ride last weekend was a little too much. The 5.5 mile ride yesterday was about my limit I’d say. Also I have a prenatal belly dancing DVD I’m anxious to try.

Boy? Or girl?: BOY. Yep. It’s a boy and not to brag (yeah I’m totally about to brag) that makes me six for SIX. Dead on intuition. Weird. Also I’ll spare you the photo but there is NO chance this is a girl.

Name:  Maxwell {Matt will have to announce the middle name since he picked it). MAX!! Maximilian. Maximus. Max the Man. It’s a Max :)

In other news: We finally met with our homebirth midwife after a month or more of hit and miss. Things check out just fine and we will be seeing her monthly ish now. We will be spending lots of time discussing diet and Ella’s dystocia and what our game plan will be for prevention (careful gain, different pushing position etc). SO far my weight gain is right on target to gain a total of about 15-20 pounds for the pregnancy.

Also Ella is back to sleeping SUPER CRAPPY which has nothing to do with the pregnancy per se but is driving me insane. Just so you  know. I’d do just about anything at this point to have her sleep 6 hours straight and/or not be up 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. It’s boggling. And maddening. And exhausting.

Lots and LOTS of movement now. If I sit still and don’t feel something almost immediately I get worried. That’s how much movement. Normal for me now. Phew.

BABY PREP: Bought some boy things. Working on a hat. Need more wool covers and blankets. And will probably register somewhere even though I wont’ have any kind of baby shower. It feels weird but we do NEED some things for this kid that we don’t have so. That.

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS BOOBS and more boobs. you may skip):

No colostrum yet but this isn’t deterring Ella. She has been nursing before nap and bed (unless dad puts her down, which he does a lot when he’s home). If she wakes up prematurely in the morning (which is like EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.) or from nap I’ll nurse her to just be able to rest longer. She basically won’t ever turn it down if I offer but since she is so busy I don’t usually offer unless she seems like she needs it. It’s getting harder to find a position that works because my belly is getting in the way. SO that’s a fun development too.

And here’s the  belly photo(s):

ultrasound day: 19 weeks 5 days.

20.5  ish weeks

21 weeks.


Baby MAX!

baby baking , pregnancy , pregnant , second trimester

This week brought to you by three hysterical breakdowns, one sainted husband and three consecutive hours of sleep. This is a long post because I have a lot to discuss. Nursing. Weight gain. Blood sugars. Emotional breakdowns. All covered today.


Weeks pregnant: 17 weeks. ON THE NOSE. Look at me posting on time! Woot

Weight: 186 lbs  A note on gain: After our long bike ride last week my weight popped up 3 lbs. OVERNIGHT. (This always happens when I exert myself. It’s a fluid muscle storage thing). I panicked. I didn’t think about the ride only OMG WHAT DID I EAT? anyway. I’ve done a LOT of research about weight gain in pregnancy. I feel like I should devote a post to it. Suffice it to say NO MATTER your starting BMI (even if it’s >30 which is considered “obese”, mine was 29. Do I LOOK obese? Don’t answer that.) to gain zero weight has adverse outcomes for baby. My goal is to gain 15-20 pounds. I’m probably right on track to do that.

Gain: +3 lbs total overall (I haven’t gained a pound since week 8)

Waist :  35 at the skinny (I’m going to stop including this) 44.5 at the bellybutton

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44″ and 44″.

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: every time I get woken up. Probably because I am drinking a gallon of water at night.

Size of the baby bean: 5.5 inches SWEET POTATO

Weight: 5 ounces. Whoa.

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: I’m not going to sugar coat this week. IT SUCKED ASS. Matt was gone to a big conference in the big City and I was alone and EX.HAUS.TED (because Ella is cutting molars and therefore sleeping like CRAP) but also alone and exhausted while he was getting to have fun. And by fun I mean DRINKING ALCOHOL amd SEEING THE SHINS in concert and running in a hamster ball and staying at the awesome Hilton. I really struggled with this because it’s part of his JOB to have fun (and he works REALLY hard) and he’s not TRYING to make me miserable. It’s not his fault. Really. It just seems to happen. And I assume it’s natural for me to be envious of his getting a break while I get perpetually MORE exhausted, but to have a hysterical breakdown? THAT’S probably hormonal. I’m just guessing. In any case, that was an ugly personal moment for me crying to my husband about how UNJUST AND UNFAIR life is for me right now, but I’m sharing it with you because i want YOU to know that PREGNANCY MAKES WOMEN INSANE SOMETIMES. Totally. Batshit. Crazy. He took over night duty two nights this week with Ella and even though I woke up every time she woke up not having to GET up and stand over her bed made a HUGE difference in my energy and attitude. Not that I don’t still want a martini.

Physical crap: One word: Prevacid. I COULD NOT take it anymore. The reflux was killing me. I didn’t want to eat anything ever. Not that I’m trying to gain weight, because I’m not, but there were two days this week where I just forced food down.  Also my belleh? It’s getting big. Like in the way big. I measure about 22 weeks right now and reaching the floor is a challenge. I’m picking up a lot of crap with my toes. I cleaned behind the fridge and under it and mopped the kitchen on hands and knees. Not sure how much longer I can do that. Also. HEADACHES. Bullshit. Period. Nothing works.

Also, this week I started checking my blood sugar both fasting and 1 or 2 hours after eating. WHY? Well after careful consideration and research I decided that I didn’t feel like one snapshot (the glucose tolerance test) of my sugar after fasting and then drinking something SUPER SUGARY was enough. Nor was it accurate. With Ella I opted out of the glucose testing completely because I honestly don’t feel like it’s super accurate and I know I’m not diabetic. BUT then she was HUGE and my midwife was like wellll hey maybe we should check and I was like wellll  let me think on that. Conclusion: I would rather have a big picture of what my sugars look like than a one day image. Here’s what I’ve found. My fasting sugars run anywhere from 63-85 (70-110 is normal). Postprandial (after meals) runs 85-94 average. I had ONE reading of 113 and hour and a half after I ate a banana. Normal is < 120 1 hour after and < 105 two hours after. Anything > 140 is considered a danger zone. The diagnostic numbers are basically anything higher than 180 at one hour or 153 at 2 hours. WELL, as you can clearly see I am NOWHERE near those numbers. If anything I’m a little on the hypoglycemic side. SO take that. It looks like maybe I just make big babies anyway. That all being said, I AM going to watch what I eat. Limiting simple sugars and carbs (white flour and sugar mostly) and watching my overall gain. But this whole fear factor of OMG YOU’RE A DIABETIC? Bull. Crap.

What I want to devour: I’m not overwhelmed with any “I MUST HAVE THIS” feelings. I’m grateful. Because usually those cravings are for things I should’t eat. I did eat a whole box of Special K red berries this week though. And vinegar-y things. Pickles. Olives. Pepperocinis. YUM.

What makes me want to hurl: not much thankfully

Supplements: Red Raspberry Leaf (2 caps). I haven’t been taking this AT ALL because I can’t STAND the taste of it. Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2). Papaya enzyme for the reflux/heartburn. It is actually quite helpful. And my friend, the Prevacid.

Activity: We took a long hard bike ride last weekend. HARD. With hills. It was rough. I won’t do that again. I’m doing some yoga but need to pull out the DVD to be legit I think. Right now I feel like the stretching and chasing after Ella is enough. I’ve been too damn tired to do much more.

Boy? Or girl?: Boy. Still boy. STILL. BOY. 3 weeks, people. THREE.

Names: Boy: Maxwell {insert exciting middle name here} Girl: Maggie Anne. Done. Picked.

In other news: Um not much to report. I’m obsessing about not feeling this baby move a lot. And when I can’t sit still and GET a movement I freak out and grab the doppler (twice now). He’s in there. Still 136-144 BPM. But I get paranoid. I am assuming this lack of constant kicking is a feature of the fact that my uterus is a CAVERN. I mean it’s 22 weeks huge with a 17 week fetus baby in there. As Matt put it, “He’s kicking into thin air honey.” Probably true. Still worrisome.

BABY PREP: I’m still working on the wool soakers. Bought some little socks and some newborn sized babylegs in boy-ish patterns (75% off yo). Once I know it’s a boy (or girl) I’ll get some gowns and such. Or maybe just grab some unisex stuff from Carters outlet. I sold Ella’s fuzzi bunz since we’re using the prefolds and soakers and with those proceeds was able to buy ALL the prefolds the new baby will need. Plus doublers.  No covers though. I also got two grovia AIO’s for the up to 15 pound stage. I’m planning on knitting more soakers and maybe buying a couple of velcro ones.

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS BOOBS and more boobs. you may skip):

With the milk nil our patterns have changed. Ella nurses to naps and bed (if I’m doing bed duty) and checks in during the day for a quick one or two minute session here and there. I’ve been really reflective this last couple of weeks. Losing my milk was hard. Really hard.  I felt really betrayed by my body. I WANT to nurse through this pregnancy WHY won’t my body cooperate. I felt really guilty and resentful even. I cried a lot and moaned a lot and fretted a lot. But I’ve come to a real place of peace. First: Our relationship as mother and baby has evolved into something new and different. Because there is no food involved in the nursing anymore, it’s about comfort and closeness which is sweet and special in a new way. (To those of you this weirds out… the first time I thought about “dry” nursing it seemed weird to me. Why would you continue to nurse if there is no milk? Well all I can say is that once you’re in that situation your feelings about it might change as mine have. Now I can embrace my relationship with Ella as about more than just food. I hadn’t really considered this before I was faced with it). Second: I have come to appreciate the space in my bed as she learns to sleep without nursing constantly. This hasn’t been easy for me. It felt like a real failure to be forced to night wean, but as I have said before, I do believe things happen for a reason. There is always something to be gleaned from the difficult moments in life. This is one. And with peace and reflection I can see that too. I hope she’ll be back to sleeping with Matt and I soon because we do like the family bed BUT that being said, if being in her own bed works out better for her I won’t push it. Soon enough there will be another little person there and he (or she) needs his (or her) space too.


And here’s the belly photo:

baby baking , pregnancy , second trimester

This week brought to you by gallons of water and orange juice. I missed a week. WHY? WHY YOU ASK? Well because Ella was sick with hand, foot, mouth AKA COXSACKIE disease (WHO THE EFF named that) and she didn’t sleep all week. THEN when things were looking up and I was feeling better and she was feeling better Matt got sick and that’s a bunch of bull.crap people. BULL.CRAP.

Anyway…Welcome to TRIMESTER TWO folks. The trimester of bliss and planning. Of baby kicks and nursery painting. Of BOUNDLESS ENERGY and CRAVINGS.

Yeah still waiting… Also no nursery so no need to paint!


Weeks pregnant: 14

Weight: 186 lbs (fluctuating from 185.2-187.0)

Gain: +2.4 lbs total (-.6 from last week)

Waist : 34 at the skinny 43 at the bellybutton (minus one up top)

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44″ and 45″. Still. So I guess my butt is staying the same size.

Average number of times I get up to pee per night:  I’m too tired to remember

Size of the baby bean: 3.5 inches size of my fist roughly

Weight:1.4 whole ounces

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: Been reading this great Deepak Chopra book and I love it. It’s caused me to more deeply examine my feelings and I’m enjoying that. I’m working hard to let go of fears and to trust my body and this baby. It’s a leap of faith that I don’t think can be understood by everyone. This experience is very unique to this pregnancy. Through this kind of self examination I’ve also realized that I took a lot of fear into Ella’s birth. I sadly did not have the peace I wanted before her birth. I know that expecting perfection is a set up for failure and I don’t expect the perfect birth. I know that the only thing really predictable about birth is that it is unpredictable and I’m ready to embrace that. But I feel now like I didn’t really take the time to listen to my body with Ella. I was fearful of something going wrong and I think this prevented me from really being in tune. I feel a real need to be more introspective with this birth. This is FOR SURE my last birth and while I’m not expecting perfection I want to implement the things I’ve learned about myself personally to get to a place of peace. I’m listening to hypnobabies and focusing on affirmations for pregnancy. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Physical crap: Good days are starting to outnumber bad! I’m less sick by FAR but still struggling with being so.damn.tired.

What I want to devour: Sadly or gratefully, nothing. Hopefully this is my body’s way of keeping me from gaining 50 pounds. I’m feeling good about it.

What makes me want to hurl: Still with the sugar. Cake. Cookies. Nope. Weird.

Supplements: Red Raspberry Leaf (2 caps). Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2).

Activity: The contractions have sadly halted my walking. Even at a slow pace of about 17 minute miles I will contract every 3 or so minutes. I can’t tell you how discouraging this is. Not only did I enjoy the walking I really enjoyed the physical activity and feeling a little more fit. And though the contractions probably aren’t really doing anything to my cervix it’s still not a good idea to participate in an activity that will cause me to contract. I’m going to take a week to do yoga and get centered. This isn’t the time to be fast or furious. As much as I want to burn calories with cardiovascular activity I am also listening to what my body says and right now my body says do something else. Still riding my bike with Matt when we can (we rode 7.35 miles this morning). I like that but those days are numbered because it’s going to be cold eventually (I HOPE).

Boy? Or girl?: Boy. Still boy. Five weeks five days and counting.

Names: Boy: Maxwell {insert exciting middle name here} Girl: Maggie Anne. Done. Picked. 26 weeks left and the kid has a name. HOWEVER I can’t say that the girl name wouldn’t change should it actually BE a girl. After I picked myself up off the floor then I’d have to make sure I really LOVE Maggie.

In other news: I have felt wiggles. VERY light and only a couple of times. This makes me a little sad because I want to be feeling this baby more but I’m just not.  I try to sit still to feel but the fact is I just don’t sit very still unless I’m sleeping. We were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat this week with the doppler we have. I tried at 11 weeks without success and was discouraged. Then I tried again about a week and a half ago and was able to SEE it on the display but not hear it. But yesterday we HEARD and SAW. 144  BPM.

BABY PREP (new feature this week): I am knitting a wool soaker for Ella which isn’t EXACTLY for baby M BUT I’m perfecting my skills to start knitting them for this baby (I will do a tutorial and explain both the process and the beauty of WOOL soon, in the meantime the quick explanation is it a wool cover that you put over a prefold diaper which has been secured with pins or snappis). Also I bought one soaker from etsy. I LOVE ETSY. And Kate Quinn was on zulily this week (AND I LOVE KATE QUINN). I splurged on one nightgown, one blanket and one kimono onsie. And in case you’re wondering they are in boy colors (one is yellow so neutral). So if it’s NOT a boy well I’m screwed I guess (I’ll just give them to my friend Emily who is probably having a boy, or save them for a very nice gift). Anyway I love Kate Quinn. Ella had one Kate Quinn outfit that sadly is not gender neutral and it was my absolute favorite thing she owned (my awesome friend Rie gave it to us). I’d love to have nothing but Kate nightgowns and sleepers for this baby but alas they are about $40 a piece regular priced. SO that’s not happening. Watching eBay too. :)

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS BOOBS and more boobs. you may skip):

I  am (or was til Ella got sick) far less sore. Thankfully. It was a rough few weeks but it’s getting better. I’m really glad I stuck it out (not that I was going to give up). If we are home and the boobs are readily available Ella will nursing sometimes once an hour. If we are out and about she may go up to 4 hours between (as long as she has some string cheese). At night she nurses to sleep about 8-9 and then wakes up around 11-12 to nurse again. Then sleeps another 2-3 hours and nurses again and then from 2 or 3 or so until we get up she is usually right by me and off and on connected.  Since Ella was sick this week and eating very little I’m back to being sore but I suspect this will resolve quickly once she’s less attached. Also her sleep habits have sucked. We have been up every night from 2 or 3 am until 4 or 5 and then only sleeping another hour or two until she’s up for the day. So hopefully that’s resolving because I AM TIRED.

And here’s the belly photo:


baby baking , pregnancy , second trimester