Not because I’m homeless. Stick around, will explain.

Let me know what you think of the blog redesign. I obviously didn’t need all that header. I found something smaller.

I’m typing up the post at a time when I wouldn’t normally be blogging. It’s dark. I think you get what I’m saying. Today is going to be a wild ride for this mom of 4. I’ll get to that later.

First things first.

Poo-free update. We are now on day 8. My head itches. This is apparently normal. Frown. I’m not enjoying this but I am sticking with it. I think I’ve combatted the dryness by using honey in the ends of my hair and reducing the baking soda (and still rinsing with AVC). Here’s hoping. I’m not a fan of the dry hair feeling so honestly if I can’t combat that, I can’t not use something. Presently I’m using almond oil and the coconut was just too greasy. The Man is having no issues but agrees that people use shampoo because it’s easy. So far this has not been. I’m holding out hope that once we get the kinks worked out it will be. Hoping. Now that I feel like I’m conquering the hair, I’m ready to start the oil cleansing method for face. More on that later.


This is the kind of day I’m going to have. The 3 big kids have to be at 3 different schools at 3 different times. 6:45. 7:45. 8:45. They also have to be picked up at 3 different times. One of them has a jazz band festival in a town about 35 minutes from here which begins at 9:00. Somehow I have to get kid #1 to school at 8:45 and still get to the festival by 9:00. Kid #3 has to be picked up at 12 because he has a minimum day. And kid #2, the jazz band kid? Well I don’t even know when he has to be picked up. Crap. I hope I don’t forget him. Thankfully Ella can’t walk or go to school yet.

I’m going to just move my stuff into the car today.

I need coffee.


And a clone.

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The Man has been home now for 2 days and also poo-free. As is Ella. The Big Kids, well not so much yet. They’re intrigued though. Not as intrigued as they are by TV, but I’ll take what I can get.

For those of you curious to know how it’s going I’ll be keeping you updated. I was disappointed to find that a couple of the great bloggers who preceded me in the poo-free movement didn’t actually stay poo-free after the initial experiment. I’m not sure what the reason was for this was, as they don’t indicate, but I’ll be keeping you all honestly up to date on what I think of it. The Man asked if I’d admit failure, and assure you I will.

As for day 4. I’m still reeling from yesterday’s coconut oil debacle. If you haven’t been keeping up, I love coconut oil. It’s my new favorite thing. Thank you Emily. I’ve used natural oils before on my skin, almond and olive primarily but I’m a total coconut convert. I used it in my homemade deodorant. I slather it all over my body, including my monumentally oily face (which it does not make oilier FYI). I use it for the baby’s nightly massage and on her bum (in the rare case of redness). So it’s follows that it would also be good on dry hair, which it is, you know, in a certain quantity that is obviously far less than how much I used yesterday. So, that being said, I’m still recovering from the “too much oil” experience. My hair was a little more weighed down that usual but it’s not frizzy so I’ll take it. The Man gives his honest opinion, “I feel like I didn’t shower at all.”

Oops. Clearly not the intended effect.

As for day 5. My hair recovered from the Coconut Oil Situation of 2011 and looks fine. I have to admit though, I miss conditioner. Hello my name is Joni and I love conditioner. I’m pushing through it though. The Man left his baking soda mixture on longer and it appears that solved his problem.

I’m happy to report that my Alabama friend Liz has boarded the poo-free train. She is my partner in chem free arms. Solidarity, people. Solidarity.

In other news: In you haven’t, please read yesterday’s post. More specifically, read the comments. I’m not trying to start a debate. I promise. I’m really not that controversial. But you should know I’m also not bitter. I’ve been itty bitty skinny (at 123 pounds, which I can tell you is WAY too small for me) and rolly poly chubby (at 183 pounds) and everywhere in between. I do not begrudge the thin or the not thin or anyone else. And I certainly don’t hate Miranda Kerr (Victoria’s Secret model and new momma). In fact, I praise her for her willingness to share her private moments. (As an aside, I also happen to thinks it’s ironic {and downright ridiculous} that breastfeeding in public would be seen an controversial when this very woman wears far less to seel underwear than is exposed when breastfeeding. Another blog. Another day.) In any case, I like her. My beef is with photoshop and false beauty and mostly unreachable ideals of thinness. I want women to want to be healthy and fit and happy, not obsessed with size and constantly in a state of comparison (of your hips or breasts or otherwise). I want us to love ourselves and rejoice in the wonderful things our bodies do for us. Not lament and loathe every flaw. I received a couple of private emails I won’t share but I will tell you this much, disordered eating is alive and well and it’s happening to people we think are “normal”.

And while we are talking about private emails… Please see the sidebar if you’ve got a question you want to ask me privately. I’ve received a few questions and I’m happy to answer them (privately or through the blog). Nothing is off limits because I have no shame. And no filter. Go ahead. Ask.

Question #1 Feminine hygiene:

What do I use? Well when Aunt Flo came back unexpectedly early after Ella was born, I used what was in my 15 year old daughters cupboard, tampons. However, I’ve used the diva cup and that’s what I’ll go back to. It’s no more difficult that a diaphragm and it’s not messy (well it can be kind of messy when you take it out) AND you can leave it in for a long time. Perfect. Because I don’t have time to change a tampon every two hours. It’s a little pricey and I need a new one (they come in two sizes btw). The lunapads intrigue me (for lighter flow days), I have not used them but I’d love to get some for back up. Etsy also has lots of handmade options. There are also the Sea Sponge tampons which I would be more than willing to give a shot. I’ve heard mixed reviews from ” LOVE THEM” to “wow these are really messy”.

There. Nothing off limits. Probably.

Tomorrow: Day 6 and don’t it make my blue eyes brown: a statement on unfulfilled wishes.

chemical free , coconut oil , poo-free