This week brought to you by gallons of water and orange juice. I missed a week. WHY? WHY YOU ASK? Well because Ella was sick with hand, foot, mouth AKA COXSACKIE disease (WHO THE EFF named that) and she didn’t sleep all week. THEN when things were looking up and I was feeling better and she was feeling better Matt got sick and that’s a bunch of bull.crap people. BULL.CRAP.

Anyway…Welcome to TRIMESTER TWO folks. The trimester of bliss and planning. Of baby kicks and nursery painting. Of BOUNDLESS ENERGY and CRAVINGS.

Yeah still waiting… Also no nursery so no need to paint!


Weeks pregnant: 14

Weight: 186 lbs (fluctuating from 185.2-187.0)

Gain: +2.4 lbs total (-.6 from last week)

Waist : 34 at the skinny 43 at the bellybutton (minus one up top)

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44″ and 45″. Still. So I guess my butt is staying the same size.

Average number of times I get up to pee per night:  I’m too tired to remember

Size of the baby bean: 3.5 inches size of my fist roughly

Weight:1.4 whole ounces

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: Been reading this great Deepak Chopra book and I love it. It’s caused me to more deeply examine my feelings and I’m enjoying that. I’m working hard to let go of fears and to trust my body and this baby. It’s a leap of faith that I don’t think can be understood by everyone. This experience is very unique to this pregnancy. Through this kind of self examination I’ve also realized that I took a lot of fear into Ella’s birth. I sadly did not have the peace I wanted before her birth. I know that expecting perfection is a set up for failure and I don’t expect the perfect birth. I know that the only thing really predictable about birth is that it is unpredictable and I’m ready to embrace that. But I feel now like I didn’t really take the time to listen to my body with Ella. I was fearful of something going wrong and I think this prevented me from really being in tune. I feel a real need to be more introspective with this birth. This is FOR SURE my last birth and while I’m not expecting perfection I want to implement the things I’ve learned about myself personally to get to a place of peace. I’m listening to hypnobabies and focusing on affirmations for pregnancy. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Physical crap: Good days are starting to outnumber bad! I’m less sick by FAR but still struggling with being so.damn.tired.

What I want to devour: Sadly or gratefully, nothing. Hopefully this is my body’s way of keeping me from gaining 50 pounds. I’m feeling good about it.

What makes me want to hurl: Still with the sugar. Cake. Cookies. Nope. Weird.

Supplements: Red Raspberry Leaf (2 caps). Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2).

Activity: The contractions have sadly halted my walking. Even at a slow pace of about 17 minute miles I will contract every 3 or so minutes. I can’t tell you how discouraging this is. Not only did I enjoy the walking I really enjoyed the physical activity and feeling a little more fit. And though the contractions probably aren’t really doing anything to my cervix it’s still not a good idea to participate in an activity that will cause me to contract. I’m going to take a week to do yoga and get centered. This isn’t the time to be fast or furious. As much as I want to burn calories with cardiovascular activity I am also listening to what my body says and right now my body says do something else. Still riding my bike with Matt when we can (we rode 7.35 miles this morning). I like that but those days are numbered because it’s going to be cold eventually (I HOPE).

Boy? Or girl?: Boy. Still boy. Five weeks five days and counting.

Names: Boy: Maxwell {insert exciting middle name here} Girl: Maggie Anne. Done. Picked. 26 weeks left and the kid has a name. HOWEVER I can’t say that the girl name wouldn’t change should it actually BE a girl. After I picked myself up off the floor then I’d have to make sure I really LOVE Maggie.

In other news: I have felt wiggles. VERY light and only a couple of times. This makes me a little sad because I want to be feeling this baby more but I’m just not.  I try to sit still to feel but the fact is I just don’t sit very still unless I’m sleeping. We were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat this week with the doppler we have. I tried at 11 weeks without success and was discouraged. Then I tried again about a week and a half ago and was able to SEE it on the display but not hear it. But yesterday we HEARD and SAW. 144  BPM.

BABY PREP (new feature this week): I am knitting a wool soaker for Ella which isn’t EXACTLY for baby M BUT I’m perfecting my skills to start knitting them for this baby (I will do a tutorial and explain both the process and the beauty of WOOL soon, in the meantime the quick explanation is it a wool cover that you put over a prefold diaper which has been secured with pins or snappis). Also I bought one soaker from etsy. I LOVE ETSY. And Kate Quinn was on zulily this week (AND I LOVE KATE QUINN). I splurged on one nightgown, one blanket and one kimono onsie. And in case you’re wondering they are in boy colors (one is yellow so neutral). So if it’s NOT a boy well I’m screwed I guess (I’ll just give them to my friend Emily who is probably having a boy, or save them for a very nice gift). Anyway I love Kate Quinn. Ella had one Kate Quinn outfit that sadly is not gender neutral and it was my absolute favorite thing she owned (my awesome friend Rie gave it to us). I’d love to have nothing but Kate nightgowns and sleepers for this baby but alas they are about $40 a piece regular priced. SO that’s not happening. Watching eBay too. :)

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS BOOBS and more boobs. you may skip):

I  am (or was til Ella got sick) far less sore. Thankfully. It was a rough few weeks but it’s getting better. I’m really glad I stuck it out (not that I was going to give up). If we are home and the boobs are readily available Ella will nursing sometimes once an hour. If we are out and about she may go up to 4 hours between (as long as she has some string cheese). At night she nurses to sleep about 8-9 and then wakes up around 11-12 to nurse again. Then sleeps another 2-3 hours and nurses again and then from 2 or 3 or so until we get up she is usually right by me and off and on connected.  Since Ella was sick this week and eating very little I’m back to being sore but I suspect this will resolve quickly once she’s less attached. Also her sleep habits have sucked. We have been up every night from 2 or 3 am until 4 or 5 and then only sleeping another hour or two until she’s up for the day. So hopefully that’s resolving because I AM TIRED.

And here’s the belly photo:


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Week number 8 in the baby baking series. This week brought to you by NO NAPS EVER. My apologies for the lateness of the post. I was well, tired.

And a brief(ish) word on dating of pregnancy: The average human gestation has been thought to be around 280 days. This is 40 weeks or 10 lunar months (a lunar month being 28 days in length). Naegele’s Rule is the generally accepted method of calculating the EDD (or estimated date of delivery). You can calculate this yourself by taking the first day of your last period, subtracting 3 months and adding 7 days. Or you can let you midwife or OB do it for you because they have a fancy schmancy wheel for just that purpose. (I’m going to talk about Mittendorf’s Rule some other time, but I would hope that this method becomes more common for calculating due dates as Naegele seems to underestimate the usual length of pregnancy). Because day ONE of pregnancy is the day you start your period (before you have actually conceived.) you are actually in your first week of pregnancy while you’re on your period! By the day your period is late you are 4 weeks pregnant. Now after that it’s all semantics. For example, I am 37. On my 37th birthday my dad said welcome to your 38th year of life. This is a little like on Monday do you refer to the next Saturday as THIS weekend OR NEXT weekend? SO on Sunday I was officially 12 weeks pregnant. Meaning I am now 12 weeks and 3 days or IN week 13. Make sense? This gets confusing when you look at books that aren’t absolutely clear what week they’re talking about. I have one book that I’m looking at week 13 and one that says I’m 11 weeks (counting from conception). CONFUSING.


Weeks pregnant: 12+5 days

Weight: 186.6 lbs (I’m adding the 10ths but it’s that same as last week)

Gain: +3 lbs total (no change from last week)

Waist : 35 at the skinny 43 at the bellybutton

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44″ and 45″. That’s right. 44 and 45 INCHES. Buh dunk. A dunk.

Average number of times I get up to pee per night:  One. And I just take the baby.

Size of the baby bean: Peach! 3 inches

Weight: half an ounce. Woot.

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: Working on peacefulness. Working hard.

Physical crap: I’m having lots of good days. And when they aren’t good I feel BAD.

What I want to devour: Nothing. Really. I want some salad from the Olive Garden.

What makes me want to hurl: here’s something weird. SUGAR. Suddenly the thought of anything sweet is repulsive.

Supplements: Red Raspberry Leaf (2 caps). Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2).

Activity: Walking 3 or biking 6-7. It’s been rough going some days but I’m doing it.  I walked yesterday and the contractions have started. Every 3 minutes the entire time I was walking (which was a slow hour). So looks like my walking days are numbered.

Boy? Or girl?: Boy. Still boy. Eight. More. Weeks.

Names: Maxwell. Definitely Max. Middle name is picked but I’m not going to reveal it. I suggested Matt choose and you won’t believe it. Really. Girl… IF IT IS ONE (after I faint and have a myocardial infarction) I think Maggie Anne. Or Clara Anne. Anne after Matt’s mom’s middle name.

In other news: Ella turned one. I’m working on a one year post for her. But right now I’m mostly just exhausted because she hasn’t napped for CRAP in two days and I spent four hours baking a rainbow cake yesterday.

I’m also working on having FAITH in my body and it’s ability to get this baby out. A


Tandem nursing update (still talking about boobs. you may skip):

I know the milk supply is down a bit (not at all gone). I’m fighting the same soreness I’ve been having the last couple of weeks. It’s bad at times and I’m cringing but bearing it. Ella is doing a litle better with her night sleep. I’ve been nursing her are moving her over to the twin bed so she won’t stay attached. She fusses through the transfer but will usually sleep a couple of hours by herself before she’s looking for me and my boobs.

And here’s the belly photo:


first trimester , pregnancy , tandem nursing

Week number 7 in the baby baking series. This week brought to you by MEDITERRANEAN FOOD AGAIN.


Weeks pregnant: 11 (Depending on how you week the whole pregnancy week thing you can now say we are entering week 12. )

Weight: 186 lbs

Gain: +3 lbs total (no change from last week.. I went down a pound at weeks start but had put it back on by yesterday)

Waist : 35 at the skinny 42.5 at the bellybutton

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44″ and 45″. That’s right. 44 and 45 INCHES. Buh dunk. A dunk.

Average number of times I get up to pee per night:  One. I’m too tired to get up more than that. I just hold it.

Size of the baby bean: We’ve got a lime in there people! 2.5 inches and it’s got FINGERNAILS and teeth buds!

Weight: WHOA. 1/4-1/2 ounce in our case probably half a pound

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: Lots of continued nerves this week and general crankiness. I’m tired and that doesn’t help. And still frustrated about food and worried about making a moose baby.

Physical crap: I’ve had at least a couple of days where I didn’t feel SUPER SICK. And even a couple of nights. I think hope is on the horizon.

What I want to devour: Mediterranean food. Yeah. Still. I’m turing into a garbanzo bean.

What makes me want to hurl: The list is long. Basically if it doesn’t sound good it sounds BAD.

Supplements: Red Raspberry Leaf (2 caps). Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2).  I’ve been hearing about taking D from EVERYONE. It’s like the whole world is suddenly D deficient. That may be true but I hold on to my feeling that vitamins mostly make expensive pee. Or maybe my instructor just drilled that into me with the whole have you ever LOOKED at your pee after taking vitamins? Especially A, D, E and K the fat soluble ones.  Because of how they work and are absorbed. These vitamins are stored in the liver so you actually can have a reserve of them when you don’t use what you have on hand. NOW it’s been a while since I was in school and I’m NOT a nutritionist. But I gotta be frank. I feel like food (or diet) and vitamin trends are well, trendy. Remember Atkins? Remember no sugar no fat? REMEMBER juice fasting and total body cleansing? Yeah. Point. Made. A well rounded healthy diet will take you far. Am I D deficient? Maybe. I’m not sure. In the meantime I guess all told I’m taking about 2000 IUI a day just because of the existing supplements I take so I haven’t added any additional.

Activity: Walking 3 or biking 6-7. It’s been rough going some days but I’m doing it.

Boy? Or girl?: Boy. Still boy. 9 weeks and counting.

Names: Pretty sure we’re decided on Maxwell? Max. Maxwell something. Edgard? I think Edgard. There’s a story behind that. I’ll tell you someday.   I think it’s ironic that we completely agreed on TWO boys names with Ella. And TWO girls names now. But can’t decide on a boy. Almost positive it would be Margaret Anne (Maggie) if it’s a girl (but yeah. It’s not). If it is I’m going to faint right there in the office. I swear.

In other news: I’ve been working really hard to stop obsessively worrying about delivering a moose. I’ve been reminding myself that my body will birth the baby it makes (even though I know SOMETIMES this isn’t true). I’ve been reminding myself that I got ELLA OUT even if she was huge and I needed help. Mostly what makes her birth scary (and for some reason scarier now than it was then even) was the time it took to get her out (5+ minutes). In reality it took the time it took because I didn’t flip hands and knees right away and I didn’t flip hands and knees right away because 1. we were waiting for a contraction (which wasn’t coming) then 2. I pushed. 3. I pushed some more and 4. There was a possibility of popping her head out of water when I flipped so we didn’t want to flip right away (I kept her under for what it’s worth). But IF I had another dystocia the fact is I’d move right away and we’d employ the appropriates maneuvers right away which would give us a fair amount of time to get her out before we even had to worry. The other fact is that the chances of me having anther dystocia are somewhere in the 10-13 or 15% range depending on what study you read and I question… do these studies take into account the number of babies I’ve delivered before? The fact that I had a 9 pound baby literally without almost no effort and an 8 pound baby that virtually SLID OUT ON HIS OWN? I’ve NEVER, not with any of my kids pushed more than 15 minutes (not even the first one). DO these studies account for the fact that my dystocia might have been more about pushing position than size? Or that I hadn’t had a baby in almost 11 years? I feel like when you combine all those factors you can reasonably conclude that I could probably birth a 12 pound baby. And what are my options? I’m NOT having an elective c-section. And the hospital has no more devices at it’s disposal to get a stuck baby out than I do right here. (In fact given possibility of restricted movement maybe LESS.)

The other thing I feel like is that the less emotionally and physically present I am in my body the less capable we are at working together. So I’m working on that. I’m spending some time reflecting and doing simple yoga to get me more grounded and in tune.  I spent most of Ella’s labor being social and visiting. Joking and chatting and worrying about my other kids being ok and understanding what was going on. I was worried about people eating and drinking and the fact that I needed to change the sheets on my bed. I was fretting over what I was going to feed everyone for dinner because I’d been in labor longer than I anticipated. All in all I wasn’t really worrying about myself. I feel like while that didn’t hurt my labor at all, I would have been more in tune with what was going on in there if I had kind of drown out the background noise. I’ll be talking about this with our birth party and letting them know what they can probably expect from me.

Tandem nursing update (still talking about boobs. you may skip):

Well I’m not gonna sugar coat it. It’s a little rough right now but mostly just at night. I feel like my supply has dropped a bit (there’s PLENTY of milk because I had TONS before but I can tell it frustrates Ella). Ella wants to nurse (or stay latched) for several hours at night which used to be fine because I could sleep through it but I’m SORE so it wakes me up. Then I can’t sleep and I’m frustrated trying to get her to let go and sleep. Which frustrates her. And wakes up dad. One night this week he actually just got up with her AT 3 AM. SO yeah. That wasn’t good. So I’m working on getting her to sleep next to me but not attached TO ME. It’s a challenge.

And here’s the belly photo:



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