This week brought to you by… the sofa.

Stats: Weeks pregnant: 31 and days.

Weight: 204

Gain: +20

Waist :  48 at the bellybutton ish

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44 and 46 (+1).

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: sad face.

Size of the baby bean: 16.5 ish inches

Weight: 3.5 to 5 lb

Position: currently vertex (head down) with feet consistently kicking the crap out of my right side. (LOA for you birthy types)

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: Crying. Lots of crying. And preparing. For birth and for having two little people and 3 big people. Making me a mother of FIVE. Five children.

Physical crap: Typical pregnancy stuff. I’m getting short of breath. It’s hard to move and sleep. I have to pee 6,243 times a day. And the pelvis thing. It’s been rough. Even though the pelvic stuff is improved over the last update it’s still really hard to move and I definitely cannot do my normal activity. I’ve been seeing the chiropractor weekly and resting as much as possible. We hired a housekeeper that is coming every two weeks which, despite my initial reservations, is AWESOME. I’ve been knitting and doing little things (small nesting you might. Cleaning our one drawer or closet. etc). NOW the silver lining… there are a lot of positives to be found here. This pain has forced my slow down. Since I am not a ‘take it easy’ person being forced to take it easy has been a blessing to some degree. I am able to enjoy Max’s movements and enjoy Ella’s development. I’m more available for my big kids. And even though I’ve had to depend on Matt much much more he has risen to the challenge of taking care of all he can and oddly being forced to be a little dependent on him has actually been a really good thing. Also, it’s nice to have time to be creative and sew, knit and decorate. I’ve made lots of things for Max and other friends babies and I’m working on things for Ella and the house too.

Here are a few:

Kids hands. Excited to add Max’s to this :)

Bunting to go with the hands.

Stripey hat.

Hat and tiny socks.

Max’s blanket #1.

See. Productive. SO not JUST sitting. Also HELLO I learned to knit SOCKS. OMG SOCKS.

Also despite all the usual discomforts of being largely pregnant and the pelvis thing I don’t feel TERRIBLE. I actually think I feel better than I did with Ella at this point. The forced rest I’m sure is helping. At 29 weeks with Ella I was taken off  work and I was READY to be off work. It was hot. I was huge and miserable.

What I want to devour: Ice. and all food. What makes me want to hurl: Orange juice. OMG. I want to drink it SO BAD. and it makes me SO SICK.

Supplements:  Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2). And my friend, the Prevacid. Also drinking Yogi Mother’s Tea now. Will start the birth prep in a couple of weeks. More on that later.

Activity: Let’s not talk about it. Unless getting up and down counts as activity. Walking up and down stairs is like HARD.

Boy? Or girl?: BOY. Still Name:  Maxwell  MAX!!

In other news: If Ella doesn’t kill herself falling off of something, she may kill me. Seriously. The kid has no fear. We have added TWO more gates to confine her to the family room so she can’t climb the dining table because I simply cannot get to her quick enough to protect her. I do NOT love gates but I hate stitches more. And blood. And broken things. Like bones.

BABY PREP: nothing new. All the clothes are washed, folded and put away. He has enough. Not too many ‘outfits’ but plenty of sleepers, gowns and a few kimonos and onesies. I’m working on a second blanket and will be ordering the birth kit this week. Whoa. Will be buying my friend Jenny’s bouncy chair.Even though I mostly always wear my babies it’s really nice to have a safe place to put them for things like hot oven cooking and showering. I’d love to have a Moses basket but at the price they are I think I’ll skip it.

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS): No real changes there. Still colostrum. Still nursing. I’m really hopeful now that we will be able to tandem. With just a couple of months left in the pregnancy it doesn’t seem like Ella plans to give up. This is exciting for me NO daunting. I’m actually hoping her nursing will help us with the transition to having a new baby in the house.   I get sore. And positioning is a challenge but we are working with what we have and it works fine.


And here’s the  belly photo(s): Week 29: Week 30: week 31:


Despite the fact that I LOOK huge I don’t really FEEL like he’s huge. Weird.

baby baking , pregnancy , pregnant , tandem nursing , third trimester

This month brought to you my Christmas break, cookies, two colds, two molars and a fair number of nights sitting up.


Weeks pregnant: 28 and some days (depending on what date you go by I’m either 28 weeks or 28 and 4)

Weight: 201 (I’ve broken the 200 mark. Yeah.)

Gain: +17 pounds total.

Waist :  47 at the bellybutton (+2 from last measurement)

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44 and 46 (+1).

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: I’d rather not talk about it. It’s a lot.

Size of the baby bean: 15 inches

Weight: somewhere between 2 and 3 pounds 11 ounces (probably 4)

Position (NEW this week): Transverse. Breech. Vertex. He’s ALL over the place. I’m not worried but I am watching my posture and sleeping position to try to get him head down and keep him that way.

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: I’ve been SO busy I haven’t even had time to think about this boy coming. Emotionally? I’m just chill.

Physical crap: The usual contractions (and by usual I mean usual for me). Typically 3-4 an hour if I’m sitting still. More if I’m walking. Also I seem to have developed a case of pubic symphysis dysfunction. This started last week and was initially an ache in my pelvis, feeling like strained muscles mostly. Over the course of three days it went from that to sharp stabbing pain in the ligament in the front of my pelvis and a general feeling of real instability. When I say sharp stabbing I don’t mean “OH ouch that’s uncomfortable.” I mean, “OH MY GOD MY PELIVS IS BREAKING INTO PIECES”. It’s unpleasant to say the least. What am I doing? Well I’ve got a book that I’m consulting for help. I’m also wearing a support belt when I’m up and about. Max isn’t a fan of this though so I don’t wear it unless I’m moving (and by not a fan I mean kicks and punches at it continually). The NESTING. Oh. My. God. The nesting. I want to clean ALL of the THINGS. And my mobility is SO super limited right now that I can barely keep my toilets cleaned. Matt is doing probably half the cooking. I’m still shopping and cleaning and I hope that with rest I’ll feel up to doing more soon. I am absolutely NOT a sitter. And this isn’t lip service. Those of you who know the real life Joni know I cannot stand to sit for long. So not being able to give into the urge to organize every drawer is like IMPOSSIBLE.

What I want to devour: Um. Cookies? And ice. Back to eating ice again. And mandarins. Yum.

What makes me want to hurl: Not much.

Supplements:  Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (2). And my friend, the Prevacid. Also drinking Yogi Mother’s Tea now.

Activity: HA. Walking is a challenge. I’m doing it as much as I can without excruciating pain.

Boy? Or girl?: BOY. Still

Name:  Maxwell  MAX!!

In other news: Taking care of a very very busy toddler and being this pregnant? Yeah. Fun times. Diaper changes are like an Olympic event now. Chasing her feels like a marathon.

Also I know Ella doesn’t KNOW what’s coming but we are playing with her baby and I bought her a couple of sibling books. I’m not spending too much time trying to talk about Max to her because like I said she has no real concept of a baby in momma’s belly but she does kiss it every time it’s bare which is sweet and I think the best way to cope with the whole introducing a new baby thing is just to do it. I’ve been there a few times before and it’s always worked out fine. I’m sure this is will be no exception.

BABY PREP: A good twitter friend Jenny passed me her baby’s clothes and some diapers. I bought three (four?) more gowns from zulily and Gap (2 in larger sizes, 6-12 mo). He doesn’t have much in the way of actual OUTFITS  but he has diapers and gowns and that’s good. I’ve got a sleepy and a moby wrap which is where is will live anyway for the first 3 months.  I’m not sure we will register anywhere but if we do it won’t be for much. He’ll need a big carseat and I’d like a new bouncy chair.

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS BOOBS and more boobs. you may skip):

Colostrum has arrived. Not in full quantity but it’s there and not unexpectedly Ella is nursing a LOT. Between teething and generally wanting to be by me she is nursing probably 4 times a day and at night too. It’s working out well for us at this point and I’m looking forward to having a full milk supply to share again. The only real problem we are having at this point (aside from being sore periodically)  is that I have no place to PUT her. My lap is about gone and the rocking chair is almost impossible. We lay on the bed or sofa when we can and if went can’t do that the nursing session is so quick I can usually just be squashed for a little while. Max responds with lots of kicks to get her off which is a little funny and a lot cute. She looks mostly puzzled. I’m noticing more contractions when we nurse (which seems to be the thing that mostly FREAKS PEOPLE OUT about tandem nursing) but remember in a low risk healthy pregnancy those contractions are NOT dilating your cervix and they could actually be considered a good workout (much like the contractions you would have after orgasm). Nothing to stress about at this point. If I delivered a little earlier than 40 weeks because of a nursing toddler then I wouldn’t be upset about it. Babies come when they are ready (again in a normal healthy pregnancy).

And here’s the  belly photo(s):

week 25

week 26

week 27

week 28


Not much change there. I’m just big. But here’s week 5. So yeah.

baby baking , third trimester