i bake cakes and babies week5

So this is this our first official weekly baby baking update. Week 5. We’ve known officially about Cinco de Babio (that’s fifth baby in the Spanish I just made up, no disrespect to people who ACTUALLY speak Spanish intended) for about 10 days now. We had our first VERY faint positive test on July 8 which is about 15 minutes after implantation happened probably but in reality I knew the week before that because I just *felt* pregnant. I know people say you can’t *feel* pregnant before implantation happens but I’m here to tell you that’s an out and out lie. Because I did. And the funny thing is I’ve never really *felt* pregnant so early before. Anyway I’m going to rough this whole thing out as I go so feel free to ask me if you want something included I’m not telling you about. I am going to do weekly updates BECAUSE I want to have them for me later. So if this is ultra mega lame to you. Skip it. It’s all good.



Weight: 183 POUNDS ( YES. That’s my real weight. I am not trying to hide what I weigh. I don’t know why people even CARE. It’s just a goddang number anyway and my 183 might be someone else’s 210 or 160 so whatever. I am writing it here because I want to keep my gain UNDER 20 pounds. I’m going to try. Because I don’t really want to have another 10 and a half pound baby. So being careful. Very careful.)

Waist (at belly button): 36 INCHES (note: this is what my waist measurement was at 12 weeks with Ella and I was SHOWING. So yeah. I’m chubby. It’s fine. When she was born it was about 50″)

Total weight gain: Zero

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: 2

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: I’m cranky. Just ask my husband. Probably because of the complete lack of sleep. Also I am crying. Like constantly. And suddenly my children’s every move is amazing to me. Mostly.

Physical crap: Bloated (yay). I am five weeks pregnant. I look five months. No nausea really, just some indigestion. EX.HAUS.TED. So tired. Ridiculous. It doesn’t help I’m up with Ella and can’t seem to manage a nap. Like ever. Sigh.

What I want to devour: Nothing special. Eating lots of tomatoes and mozz and basil and oilve oil. Yum.

What makes me want to hurl: No aversions. Yet. Hoping this means maybe a not so sick pregnancy. Though it’s still veeery early. I was feeling sick with Ella by now. KNOCK.ON.WOOD.

Activity: Walking 2.5-3 miles 3-4 times a week (45 minutes) when the Mister is away at work. Also yoga. We ride our bikes in the evening when the Mister is home (and I ride alone when I feel up to it). I rode my bike when I was pregnant with Ella up until 7 or 8 ish months.

Boy? Or girl?: I’m going with boy. But I give myself until week 9 to make my final determination. I’ve been right 5 times thus far. So I’m due to be wrong.

Names: We have some picked out. Not sharing yet. hehe.

In other news: I hate pants. And pretty much anything with a waistband. Pretty typical for me.

Tandem nursing update (talking about boobs. you may skip):

I’m amending this post to include a tandem nursing update (or pregnant nursing as it were). Here’s how it’s going. Initially I thought I had a supply drop. Some moms describe this as being the way they realized they were pregnant. Last week Ella became fussy at the breast and would latch on and then immediately cry and let go refusing to nurse (she still does this periodically). After some period of this (2 minutes?) she would finally give in and nurse fitfully. Cry.. Nurse. Cry. I was WORRIED. But I’ve concluded that this is probably more teething than anything and possibly a slight change in milk flavor (it seems saltier and yes I tasted it to find out). Anyway my supply is abundant. I can easily express milk and she was spitting up last week which she NEVER DOES (again the salt?). Anyway this is the thing that concerns me the VERY MOST. Not having milk. I can deal with pain and discomfort but if I don’t have milk then it’s irrelevant. And what about pain? Well I’m very happy to report that the typical VERY sore donotlookdonottouchdonotcomenearme nipples have not happened. I also did not have any soreness when I was nursing Sean during my pregnancy with Owen (but we stopped at the end of the first trimester because he was 16 months and ready to wean anyway and my OB made me paranoid. NOTE: DO NOT LET YOUR OB MAKE YOU PARANOID. THEY DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING. The end. ) and actually did not have soreness when I was pregnant with Sean either (horrible with Kelsey and Ella though). I can make two possible conclusions either 1. my nipples are more sore with a girl or 2. First pregnancy (or having a big gap between) makes for sore boobs. One of those. Anyway this is all a long way of saying, it’s going just fine. Thankfully.

Finally, the weekly photo:

I’m not showing. I’m just chubby. Thanks.



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20 Responses to “i bake cakes and babies week5”
  1. Stef says:

    I heart you and your honesty. Keep it up. You look fab. Oh, and get a nap, will ya? (hugs)

  2. Erin says:

    Chubby Shmubby. You look fabulous and happy :)

    Oh, and I hate pants and I’m not pregnant. HATE them. The maxi dress is your best friend, mine too!

  3. You look fantastic! Maxi dresses are amazeballs. (i have been living in dresses since birthin Z. Best choice evar)
    Pants are evil.
    The end.

  4. You are so cute. I love it. I am excited to read about your journey. I would like to hear more about breastfeeding while preg. in your posts.

    • mommabare says:

      OH DEBORAH!! Thank you for reminding me. I meant to include that on the bottom but forgot. Going to add it :)

  5. Virginia says:

    You aren’t chubby: you are beautiful!

    I am so happy for you guys, and I LOVED reading your “stats”. I think I may keep a tab of the same stats. That’s a great idea!!! Now when I think back about my pregnancies I always forget what exactly I was craving (except the really memorable stuff, like Italian dressing straight from the bottle), and how I felt, etc. Great idea!

    Best wishes and happy “baking”.

  6. Melissa McVay says:

    Love your blog, you are so real and honest, and I smile when I read!!! Congrats and enjoy your pregnancy!!!

  7. genny church says:

    You are just the most adotable!! Congrats to you and the family. I love reading your posts and look forward to the journey and seeing another little bundle of cuteness. I understand that feeling of just knowing you are pregnant. Happened with all of mine. Boys never made me ill the way my daughter did. I assume your instincts have served you well.

  8. liz says:

    all I see is your beautiful smile!

  9. TMae says:

    I’ll add to the chorus – you are DAMN CUTE.

  10. Michele says:

    Trying to send you a non-angry (quite the contrary, actually) e-mail, but it won’t go through. I’m using the address attached to your ‘contact’ button. Is there a new/different one, or should I keep trying?

  11. Allison Netto says:

    I think you look great. And I have known you when you looked different, so there.

  12. Svanhvit says:

    Congratulations, Joni!! You look really fantastic. And everything else will be fine, too :)

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