Baby baking: Weeks 32, 33, 34 AND 35

This week brought to you by… my new glider rocker?

Stats: Weeks pregnant: 35 and days (3 or 4 I think)

Weight: 211

Gain: +27

Waist :  49.5-50 at the bellybutton ish

And bust/hips (just for grins and giggles): 44 and 46 (+1).

Average number of times I get up to pee per night: FROWN

Size of the baby bean: like 20 inches. WHAT?!

Weight: 6 pounds (says my pregnancy app. HA)

Position:Vertex and lowish. Lots of cervical twinges (aka pain) from his head.

Other pregnancy related crap:

Emotional crap: As the birth nears I find myself being simultaneously nervous, excited and at peace. I’m seeing a therapist a few times to try to make sure I properly processed Ella’s birth and don’t carry any of that into Max’s. Ella’s birth was wonderful and in the weeks and months after it I felt nothing but empowered and truly FANTASTIC. But there is a truth there and it’s that complications are scary, no matter what they are. And in my case I think knowing what I know (as a nurse I mean) makes them both MORE frightening and also less frightening. If that makes sense (which it probably doesn’t). The important thing is to balance fear and faith. Max’s birth is HIS. He is not Ella and he deserves a mother and father, and birth team, that feel that way. What I love about birth (well one of the things) is that every birth experience is an opportunity for growth. And what I love about preparing for Max’s birth is that even at 37 years old I’m being humbled by my own insecurities and encouraged by my own capabilities. This journey is taking me exactly to where I need to be and I have faith in my body and Max and in the truth that his birth will be exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Physical crap: Same ol crap. Still with the pelvis. Still with the sciatica. Seeing the chiro weekly.

What I want to devour: baby greens. Maybe because I’m having a baby? Maybe because I’m weird. I’m not sure.

Supplements:  Prenatal (from trader joes). Calcium-Magnesium (with D) pills (6, 3 morning and 3 night). Dr. Christopher’s Birth Prep (Took this with Ella and credit it, at least partly, with my minimal bleeding postpartum). Also Floradix (for iron) doesn’t taste awesome but does work. And I’ll be starting Evening Primrose borth oral and vaginal this week. Also eating LOTS of iron. Tons of meat (not usual for me) and Malt o Meal (which was 60% of a days serving!)

Activity: Been doing some walking (LIGHT) and birth ball sitting. Other than that trying not to strain.

Boy? Or girl?: BOY. I sure hope.

Name:  Maxwell  MAX!!

In other news:

BABY PREP:I bought him two towels. HAHAHA. I say hahah because I was CONSTANTLY at the store buying things for Ella and poor Max, he’s lucky to have clothes. I did finish another blanket for him though and bought two diaper covers since I’m not sure I’ll finish knitting any before he’s here.

Here’s the blanket:

And a bunny I made for Miss:

NOT being about to properly nest is taking a real toll on me emotionally. Do not underestimate the power of the female need to prepare her space. I think for me especially, because I’m birthing at home, I need my space to be cozy and tidy and CLEAN. I’ve been crocheting, knitting, working on curtains and cleaning drawers (one at a time). Anything I can do to feel like I’m doing something. Matt has been completely supportive of my neurosis (even buying a new vacuum).

Birth prep (new): Birthing kit and pool are both here and organized. We’ve done a trial run with the pool and it looks great. We went with the La Bassine this time (as opposed to renting an aqua doula). While we aren’t particularly excited about having to keep water warm we are excited about having inflatable sides. This was something I really wanted with Ella. The aqua doula is hard sided. Ick.

Tandem nursing update (BOOBS): Maybe because Ella is cutting her canines? BUT OUCH. I am SORE. She’s nursing a LOT and at night again. Sometimes the nursing literally makes me feel like I’m turning inside out or some other equally unpleasant feeling. Ouch. We are hanging in though. I’m really really REALLY looking forward to having milk again. I can’t wait to see what she does. Heh.

And here’s the  belly photo(s):

Week 32:

Week 35:

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2 Responses to “Baby baking: Weeks 32, 33, 34 AND 35”
  1. Liz says:

    You look great. And I think you know what I’ll be doing for you and Matt until Max is here in your arms. Wink Wink!

  2. Stef says:

    You are so close!! Homestretch. (emphasis on the streeeeetch to cover that bump). You’re going to do it, it’s going to be a unique experience, and you’re going to be awesome. And so will Max. I’ll have to invent a reason to come visit soon.

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