what just happened

I wish I could tell you, but I don’t even know.

One morning I was changing diapers and pulling weeds. The next morning I was on The Today Show. Literally the next morning. A fews after that I was on The Rachael Ray show.  I wrote an article about being happy, and fat. I told the story of how being thin didn’t solve my problems. I told the story of an obsession to meet an ideal that was impossible to attain and sustain. It seems like it resonated with a few people.


It all started at ravishly and from there went to the Huff post front page, then the Yahoo front page.


After the Huffington Post appearance, and the  Chicago Tribune, and let’s not forget yahoo.com, this happened: The Daily Mail. And then things got weird.

An excerpt from my recent article on Ravishly.com:


“I’m going to just stop here and tell you the next week and a half look pretty much exactly like those first few days. Only, add in a bunch of print stuff, and substitute any one of 4 other shows in place of TheToday Show, and Inside Edition. Weekend Sunrise Australia (filmed via satellite in San Francisco). Canada AM. The Rachael Ray Show (which airs this Thursday). AOL.com. Redbook magazine. Parenting.com. Something called farrahgray.com. Buzzfeed. Brigitte magazine in Germany. This fox affiliate. This ABC affiliate. This paper in Georgia. This paper in Iceland (oh how I wish I spoke Icelandic). This and this and this and this blog (actually not sure what that last one is). A multi page feature in a magazine as yet to be disclosed. Two phone interviews with Sirius. This radio station in Toledo (don’t tell them I don’t like country music). And apparently a mention on The Talk. And a bunch of other google results that I won’t bore you with because if you clicked on even a quarter of the previous mentions you are so so sick of my face.”


My mind is blown. Matt insists he isn’t surprised at all. He’s probably not lying.


The future holds good things for me, and for those who can relate. I will tell my story as long as people need to hear it. I thank you readers and friends for your love and support always.


“Happiness comes from within. Do not see it without.” The Buddha


oh and here I am with Rachael Ray. No big deal. (LOVED HER. ALL CAPS LOVED HER)


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6 Responses to “what just happened”
  1. j says:

    You stroke a nerve in so many women who are trapped in the “perfect body” mentality. I only wish I had the nerve, like you did, to chuck this whole crap!

    • Lucy Wolf says:

      So agree! But I just saw you on Rachael Ray yesterday and think you are amazing. You are beautiful and thank you for being so honest. Your children are gorgeous, too! You have a great family and you are so talented. take care

  2. susan says:

    I saw your clip on Rachael Ray. Where was that black dress from? Loved it!

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you so much! I watched your segment on Rachael Ray Show with my 13 year old son. I think he was as inspired as I was. I am a 51 year old Mother of 3. I am an avid home cook and foodie. I actually am a really good cook and feel that I cook healthy but tasty meals for my family. I am probably about 30 pounds over weight. I feel like I am constantly bombarded by weight-loss plans and am surrounded by skinny well-dressed woman. I want to be able to love myself as I am and not worry about what people think. I recently had foot surgery so am just getting back to working out and getting ready to play tennis in the Spring. However, I have a big stomach/muffin top. I think that is just my shape. My sister even said something to me about being “worried” about my mid-section – talk about feeling bad. I want to have your attitude and am going to strive for this. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  4. BreAnna says:

    Joni I am so happy for your success! You have a really powerful and important message to share and I’m proud of you for speaking that truth!

  5. Paula Allred says:

    Hey Joni….I saw you on the Rachel Ray show and I was so impressed. I went to the local Barnes & Noble store to see if you had a book written. I was disappointed you didn’t I think you should definely write one. That’s why I signed up with Facebook. So many women have issues you’ve talked about. Start writing girl!!!

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