Oil cleansing method (OCM) review

One month cleanser free.


First let’s review. If you didn’t read that post HERE it is. I went face cleanser free around the first of February and it’s now March. Soooo that’s a month-ish. 5 weeks I think. If you want to learn about the oil cleansing method read HERE. If you’re too busy to read either of those I’ll review:

In my desire to use fewer chemicals and strive for natural (not hippie-gross-stinky-don’t have soap natural just natural natural) beauty I stopped using  ALL chemicals for house cleaning, for my hair and for my face. Well the hair experiment failed and we ended up switching to an organic plant based shampoo which I think we (that Man and I that is) are both happy with. Though to be fair I haven’t asked the Man what he thinks so I might be making all that up. But my hair is clearly the higher maintenance of the two and the Avalon Organics is working fine. You know, on the days I have time to do my hair and even notice. I started the OCM (oil cleansing method) in hopes that I would, as many users have reported, experience less breakouts and less oily skin. I’m pretty sure i have some of the oiliest skin you will ever come across and during PMS you could scrape the oil off my face and use it to lubricate your car’s engine. Swear. To. God. It’s that oily.

So I started this with cautious optimism. And terror. It’s all in the name of being a human science experiment people. You’re welcome.

Here’s what I use:











Well actually that’s one additional product and one missing product (almond oil pictured, tea tree not).


Here’s the recipe I went with for my Super Duper Epically Oily Skin:

1 ounce castor oil

2 ounces sunflower oil  (the least pore clogging-est of oils almond of EVOO would also be good)

some drops of peppermint oil (5 ish)

some drops of tea tree oil (15 ish)


Confession: I don’t like tea tree oil. I know some people LUUURVE tea tree oil as a cure-it-all oil for everskinissueimaginable but I. Don’t. Like. It. I think it smells like eucalyptus feet. And my gramma had a eucalyptus tree When I Was A Kid. And I don’t like remembering just about anything from When I Was A Kid because sometimes things weren’t so great When I Was A Kid so this crap ain’t conjuring up any happy memories. I digress. I used it because it does have antiseptic properties and I hoped it might help with the Epic Cystic Menstrual Acne I have. Despite the eucalyptus feet scent. SO I put it in there and I prayed.


Dear Stinky Eucalyptus Feet Oil,

I put my utmost faith in your powers of healing. Please help my skin to not look 15. I mean let it look 15, but 15 like ‘smooth and soft and youthfully blissful’, not 15 like ‘I need a trip to the dermatologist for acne meds stat’ 15. Thank you for your consideration.



Here’s what happened:

I rubbed the concoction all over my face. I tried to take my time and luxuriate in it’s silky softness but you know the beh-beh was crying and it was time for bed and I was worried I might fall asleep at the sink SOOOO I just rubbed it all over with reckless abandon and called it good. And then I soaked a washrag in HOT water and put in on my face. I let it sit as long as I could. You know I was supposed to let it sit until it was cool. Uh huh. Sure. No. So I left it until I could no longer tolerate the screams of the abandoned children (they weren’t screaming really. Much.) and then I did it again. And again. I made SURE to get all of the oil off my hairline and all that business.

And I went to bed.

And I did it again the second day. and the third day. And on the fourth day God created, oh wait, wrong thing. On the fourth day I threw my other products away. Moisturizer. Cleanser. Even the dove soap. Gone.

I’m SOLD. Stick a fork in her folks, she’s done.

In a month I’ve had ONE pimple worth mentioning. My skin is NOT OILY during the day. I mean it’s oily but it’s oily like a normal person not like someone dunked my face in a vat of motor oil.

And because I love you and I’m dedicated to the betterment of all man(and woman)kind I will now show you my face.























You may note: I am a not too distant relative of Spock. SO it may seem (Please read that in Spock voice).  Interesting fact about me #73: My mother has a chunk out of her right ear. Weird. This is just one of many weird things about me. I’m positively abnormal. Also I’m not wearing makeup. Just in the spirit of disclosure.

Further note: I did not wear my hair up for like 35 years because I hate my ears. Especially the one I’m showing you.  Then my husband, before he was my husband, told me he loved my ears and thought they were downright adorable. I mean he’s the guy that would buy the three legged dog or the crooked Christmas tree but hey, he thinks they’re CUTE. My ears. The object of no less than 13 years of relentless teasing through school. Hm. Power people. Words have power. Say something nice to someone. They listen. Soapbox session ceasing. Thanks for playing along.

And further note: Because I know you’re going to ask. the Super Ridiculously Cute Bow Headband I’m wearing  is by Emily Bilbrey of Uff Da Designs on Etsy. Love it. Check it.

Now that I’ve shown you my face let me tell you this… My skin looks better. Better than usual and better than it did before I started. I do NOT wash my face in the morning. This was  a HARD thing to transition to. In fact, for about a week I was washing in the morning with Bronners and not doing OCM every night (I got lazy. Because I was tired. Can I get an amen?). And oh NOOOO. Bad things happened. I got a HORRIBLE dry spot on my right side that was even PEELING. And I got a pimple. That’s right the ONE pimple I got during the last 5 weeks was when I WASN’T using OIL.


I know, totally weird right.


In the spirit of my ever promised disclosure, I’m going to tell you I was less than skeptical about this, but I’m sold. I can’t promise what it might do for your wrinkles (if you even have any) and it’s certainly not any miracle clock turning back formula. But I will tell you this, when my granny died she was two months shy of 90 years old. She never used wrinkle cream and she worked picking cotton in the sun for the greater part of her life and she had some wrinkles. And I don’t mean like 20. I mean her face was a map of wrinkles she wore with pride. I’m gonna get old. I’m not trying to stop the clock, I’m just trying to let in move forward in a healthy and happy way. This is more than worth a shot.


The end.


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10 Responses to “Oil cleansing method (OCM) review”
  1. liz says:

    yay! i was waiting for this one!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I know that I love this method better then the others I have tried. I too experienced one pimple in the time that I have been doing this because I actually used clean and clear one time in an effort to hurry my shower along. Even when I miss a night of the OCM I don’t break out and my face is nice and normal instead of its epic oilyness that is was before this switch. Kudos to making this change.

  3. genny says:


  4. TMae says:

    I’m scared to give up my glycolic wash. I will admit, I’m not the most diligent face washer (i.e., I *might* wash it once a day), and it hasn’t seemed to control my blackheads the way it purported to. And the cystic menstrual pimples? I’m currently sporting THREE of them on my chin. Kidlet thinks it is HYSTERICAL to nurse and poke them. It’s not.

    I’ve tried to go as hippie as I can…I might give this a try. I mean, it can’t be any worse than my current regimen of, “sometimes,” right?

  5. Stef says:

    I have to be honest: this freaks me out a bit. I should try it. I do get those awful cystic zits occasionally that I can’t stand. I’ve never thought about if they are linked to my cycle; I’ll have to pay more attention next time. I wash faithfully every morning with the same products I have been using for ages but not usually at night so this would be a radical change for me.

    I’ll keep you posted if I try it or not. I love your human science experiments – keep it up!

  6. Stef says:

    FYI. I bought the stuff. The oils. Now I just need to mix and use. Eeek.

  7. Megan says:

    I enjoyed this article way more than I should have. Was cracking up in bed and almost woke my significant other up. Though the way he snores he deserves it every once in a while. Anyways, I am very excited to give this method a try. I am 25 and have been suffering from acne for 12 or so years. Working so hard to eat organic and stop bad habits and be healthy that I would love to find a regimine thats works w/o a trip to the drugstore and all the chemicals that come with it. Thanks a lot.

  8. paula graham says:

    In googling the Oil Cleansing Method, I ran across your blog….and really enjoyed yours and others views. I am slightly older than your commenters, and there have been times few and far between that my skin looked and felt the way I have always wanted it to. I have never been afraid to try something new and in being that way have more than once traumatized my skin. Lately I have had large oil plugs on the underside edge of my jaw line…(what the heck)….so I am like ‘now what’? Also some headless bumps on my ‘marionette’ lines….cant squeeze those puppys they just go crazy…soooo I have bounced around with the dermalogica line….some of it is quite nice….then I started getting dry almost ‘parched’ skin. That drove me to search out something that would address plugs and dryness….(btw I am an oily skinned person, past menopause)….so I am also sensitive skinned…what a mess…lol Now….to the point…..the original instructions I read was be cautious in frequency of using this method. I found that my skin felt so good and the next morning it was wonderful…..so I waited a day and did it again…loved it and did it again….NOW….maybe I massaged to firmly but my skin again has that parched look… :( I started looking again on the net and found a site that just murdered this method…complaing about plugs, cystic zits etc etc….yours however is very encouraging…question….are you doing this every night? still?…I am using the plain combo of 1/4 castor oil and 3/4 sunflower seed oil. I am fearful of using peppermint and/or tea tree thinking it my burn or add to my dryness….

    So I don’t know if the parched look and feeling of my skin is because it is getting use to the new method or what. Also when you rinsed your face in the morning do you put on a moisturizer after…or are you sans everything because the OCM handles your skin so well you do not need it.
    thanks so much for your insight…

  9. Rose Marie Helton says:

    In response to Paula – just wondering if you stop by here every now and then. I (an over 50 – closer to 60 gal) am new to OCM – I love it. I read as many thoughts and comments on this as I could stand in an evening or two or who am I kidding – I read reviews on this for two solid weeks – obsessing almost in my quest for information. Amazingly, the most common thread is positive. The negative comments I came across, were from ill informed users and other skin care ‘experts’ hawking their own lines – and demeaning any possible success of this method for anyone who doesn’t buy their particular skin care line. Ugh.
    My over 50 skin has a lifetime of methods I’ve used to bring the constant oily sheen and consequent blemishes into a manageable face that looks like what I’ve always thought an older face should look like – Blemish free by gum!
    I am thankful to report after 3 weeks and heading strongly into my fourth week, that the OCM method for me is the best thing ever! Not kidding one bit here. I did have a healing crisis if you will, about the middle of the second week. I still attribute most of that to a migraine and with migraines, I nearly always have some really noticeable zits afterwards. On an over 50 face, I think think zits are unacceptable!
    I have dealt with dry patches – especially in the T-zones ever since menopause became my new best friend. No more periods – ever. Can I get an Amen! No amount of face creme’s or treatments have brought those dry patches combined with the oil slicks on the other part of the skin- usually just above the dry patches under control, until I began using OCM.
    For me – the thought of using Olive Oil on my face just was not enticing in the least. Partially because I read a lengthy article on how true Olive Oil in this country has been compromised by Olive Oil cartels if you will – who somehow have gained control of the real thing and was we normally buy or purchase in the stores is adulterated Olive Oil. I still don’t know if that is true – and have yet to comfirm it – mostly because it would involve a great deal more of my time . SO I have used another oil as the secondary oil in cleansing my face added a few other beneficial oils and Essential Oils and with a bit more tweaking, I believe I may of just discovered the best mixture for myself – All because I was willing to invest a bit of time in reading and reading and reading. To confirm what I thought would be best.

    Here is my basic OCM mix: in a 2 ounce bottle
    25% Castor Oil
    75% Walnut Oil
    1 dropper of E-Oil – double strength 32,000 ICU
    10 drops Rosewater Concentrate
    11 drops Lavender Essential Oil
    1 Tsp. Jojoba Oil
    – Smells heavenly

    RM’s Moisturizing Oil
    1 tbsp. Walnut Oil
    1 dropper Jojoba Oil
    1 dropper Vit E Oil
    3-5 drops Lavender Oil
    3 drops Emu Oil
    I put a quarter size of OCM in my palm , rub my hands together a bit and then begin massaging my face, going from the chin up to the hairline – trying to stay with an upward motion and semi circular massage , being careful to concentrate on the T-zones, where so much of my facial breakouts have concentrated – for so many years now. I fill the sink with hot water – not scalding though and rinse my wash cloth and ring it out before I place it on my face – I try to let the heat all dissapate before I rinse the wash cloth and repeat – Usually on the third rinse, I begin wiping off the oil, being careful not to scrub, but to thoroughly wipe all areas – rinsing as needed. Pat dry with a clean dry hand towel.
    I do use moisturizing oil – that I made up for myself. I put about 5-6 drops on my finger tips and massage it into my face and I’m done.
    My face looks amazing! I cannot get over it and it no longer feels like I need to extract blemishes – because there are so few of them now.
    I also have begun using a very mild facial scrub – using Raw honey and baking soda.
    1 tsp raw honey (very important to use the raw honey)
    1/2 tsp. baking soda.
    I put these two ingredients into a small bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I mix it up with my fingers, put the honey/baking soda scrub on my face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, while I lie down with my feet up. After that I get in the shower – gently massaging my face and rinse- that’s it. This scrub rinses easily and leaves your skin soft/ moisturized and smooth.
    Love it!
    I have used Aloe Vera Gel – 100% to moisturize and Like how that feels – Every day has new challenges and needs and I try to adapt my skin care routine to that.
    However, for me – I use the OCM – at least once a day. Some folks do not use it as frequently. This is what suits me best.
    Good luck!

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